Stressless Magic - Cross Base
Stressless Magic - Cross Base
Stressless Magic - Cross Base

Shop Online for the Stressless Magic on a Cross Base! Lowest Prices and Quick Shipping from USA Based Warehouses!

The Stressless Magic is the highest end Stressless Recliner. It offers a beautiful design, many adjustable features and the most luxurious seat of any Stressless chair. 

The Magic has a unique wing style look to it with a thick pillow top. The adjustable headrest when up, gives the Magic its iconic look. 

The Stressless Magic offers great lumbar support, neck support and back support. The Magic is the most plush Stressless Chair we offer. If you enjoy the flexibility of an adjustable headrest, plush padding and an oversized chair, the Magic is a great choice for you! 

The Magic is perfect for tall bodied people and those looking for a luxury soft seat. 


Stressless Magic - Cross Base

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