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A Stressless Recliner, Sofa, or Ottoman is designed and engineered to last a lifetime. With that in mind, Stressless only uses Leathers and Fabrics that will hold up with the quality and longevity of their heirloom furniture. All Stressless Leathers are either Top-Grain or Full Grain leather across the entire product. The leathers come from the world's finest tanneries from Italy or Brazil. Stressless fabrics are rigorously tested to ensure they can stand the test of time with frequent usage, as this will be your favorite seat in the house. All Stressless covers have their unique benefits, and finding the right cover can be just as important as the right chair. Use the information below to help you select the best cover option for your Stressless seating! If you need assistance, please call, chat or email us! 

Stressless Paloma Leather

Stressless Paloma Leather is our best-selling and largest collection of leathers. It is a great combination of durability and softness. Paloma is a smoother grain leather containing a more matte finish. With 9 out of 10 seats made in Paloma Leather, you will not be disappointed in your choice! 

Paloma Leather is slightly corrected, a combination of dyes and pigments smooth down some of this leather’s pattern, although some minor grain and color nuances may vary. Marks, scars and insect bites are part of Paloma’s look.

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Stressless Batick Leather

Stressless Batick Leather is our most durable and affordable option. Batick leather has some texture and pebbling to it. It is protectively coated to resist premature aging and staining. The combination between durability and cost make Batick an attractive option for some customers. 

Batick is a corrected leather with a uniform pattern and many of its natural marks removed. Batick is resistant to fading, but changes will occur over time due to use and light exposure. The price and durability makes it a good choice for most homes.

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Stressless Cori Leather

Stressless Cori Leather is one of our thickest and most durable options. With a tip-shine that accents the pebbled texture of this thick leather, you will get a noticeably grainy look to help your seating standout from smoother surfaces!

Stressless Cori Leather is noticeably thicker with a larger pebbled grain effect than Batick, this grade is corrected with a uniform pattern, so most of its natural marks are removed. This creates a robust leather with many excellent properties including durability and easier cleaning.

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Stressless Noblesse Leather

Stressless Noblesse leather is a very thick, full-grain leather that is softer than Stressless Cori Leather. The minor amount of protective coating used on this leather gives it our softest feel. This is our highest maintenance leather, requiring special care during cleaning and frequent conditioning. Although not for everyone, the customer looking for the softest and thickest leather will fall in love with Stressless Noblesse Leather. 

Our most exclusive leather is a full-grain semi-aniline, dyed using a light surface treatment. With the natural softness and characteristic glow of a first-class leather, Noblesse keeps its original grain, meaning minor color variations, marks and scars may be visible.

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Stressless Dinamica Fabric

Stressless Dinamica is a very low pile microfiber style fabric. Available on all Stressless seating, Dinamica is a great option for customers who do not want leather, but still desire a durable cover on their Stressless Recliner, Sofa or Ottoman. Dinamica is very soft to the touch, but still maintains a superior durability. 

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Stressless Ultrasuede Fabric

Ultrasuede is a branded fabric from Toray. Known for durability and softness, Ultrasuede is water repellent and stain resistant. This fabric resembles the look of suede leather, but is 100% synthetic fibers. Ultrasuede is limited to Stressless Sofas, Dining Chairs, and certain Ottoman. It is not available on Stressless Recliners.

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